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What is

Bonivip is a portal where you can get special discounts. We offer lots of discounts: travel, exclusive products, restaurants, events and everything you can imagine.

Our partners reserve their best deals for Bonivip so, our prices are always unbeatable.


Do I have to register a group of people to get a discount?

No, you can start enjoying the special Bonivip benefits from the start moment.

However, your help is never over, think that if we are more users, the number of discounts will be higher.


I chose an offer. How do I get it?

To get any of our offers all you have to do is select it and click "Buy". Remember that our offers are available for a limited time, if you like something, Take it!

After that, you will access the payment screen and now, the voucher is yours. You can go to print it at any time. Find your vouchers in your email or in your personal menu.


Do I have to use my voucher on the same day of purchase?

No, not necessary. Your voucher is valid until the date specified in the tender selected (at time of purchase). We always try that you can use your discount as long as possible.


I have a voucher now. What should I do?

Once you purchase the voucher you will receive an email. All you have to do is print it and present it when you go to the establishment.

In addition, all the vouchers you gain, are stored in your Bonivip personal account.
The rest of the information is on the voucher (if not, you can contact us to fix it).


Can I give my voucher to someone else?

Of course! Bonivip is the best way to find a special gift at the best price.

To do this you just have to give the voucher to the person you want.